Churro 2 EPS TT 2024 Spec.

The Churro got an upgrade ! Chilli's new daily driver model, the Churro 2 has next-level small wave performance features that is an essential board to add to your quiver to dominate conditions from 2-foot slop through to 5-foot pumping surf. With a focus on super user-friendly, performance surfing and everyday conditions in mind, James Cheal blended all the favourite features of the original board (fast and forgiving) with a few updated tweaks, and he arrived with an essential daily driver that will connect all the dots from beach break junk to long point breaks (and everything in between), this board will bring you the stoke!


The outline has been pulled in slightly at the nose and tail (around the 12" mark, losing the hips & shoulders) from the original Churro and this has really given the Churro 2 a smoother, less catchy feel. The wide point is relatively neutral in the centre of the board (providing a massive sweet spot) continuing down into a neat round square tail with enough width to carry you through any slower section that gets thrown your way.


The rockers very forgiving much like the original. The moderate entry, flattish middle and moderate exit out the tail gives you unlimited down the line speed. Simple single to very slight double concave out the fins bottom contour keeps this board incredibly user friendly in all conditions.


Through the Project Black R&D stages of this model, Chilli found a neutral fin template (not too upright & not too raked) provides speed, flow and response that compliments this model. In FCS 2 the Performer template and in FUTURES the F6 template work well, just select your size to fit.

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