Creating something aesthetically beautiful, that has function and brings joy to a beginner surfer or an elite competitor are the reasons why LSD creator Luke Short is still passionate and evolving his designs after twenty years.


Luke's Boards were heavily featured under the feet of many of the top WCT/WQS surfers such as Sydney's Richie Lovett, Dayyan Neve, Jay Quinn, Ozzie Wright & many more high profile international surfers who often rode his boards logo-less over their primary shaper during the late 90's to the mid 2000's as his boards were that sharp & consistent as competitive money-makers in heats.


A young Julian Wilson rode LSD's almost exclusively during his breakthrough teenage years as a junior.


Now based in Angourie NSW where the waves are some of the best in the country, Luke is able to keep the balance between shaping and surfing on his terms, keeping close to the source of inspiration with his current team riders of Noa Deane & Matt Banting providing constant feedback.


LSD Surfboards are performance based with a creative flare, embracing new technologies and never afraid to think outside the square.