The S-Boss Ibolic (Mannkine x Slater Designs) model is a performance board with more range in 2-6ft waves than any other high-performance surfboard on the market. Kelly Slater approached Firewire with the idea of creating a blunt nose performance board with parallel rails and a crazy double barrel V bottom ideal for when the waves get good. After extensive refinements with Kelly Slater and Kevin Schulz, Firewire finalised the shape and introduced the S-Boss. 


  • An outline with a blunt nose 
  • A familiar FRK round-tail 
  • S-Deck/ Foot wells on the deck 
  • A double barrel set into a V bottom contour 
  • A medium-low performance rail
  • A medium entry and exit rocker

The S-Boss should be ridden slightly shorter than your regular shortboard and 1-2 inches longer than your groveller. 

If you love the sound of the S-Boss but are looking for something that performs better in subpar conditions check out the Great White Twin which is perfect for high-performance grovelling from 2-6 ft. 

Please note the S-Boss is only available in Futures.

This variant is currently sold out