These days a soft surfboard is an essential part of any quiver, especially for Summer in Australia! Long gone is the stigma that only kooks or beginners ride them, so lets check out some of the reasons why we think it worth investing in one.

To put it basically, the main reason we recommend getting a softboard is because it will make you go surfing more and catch more waves !

If you’re a beginner, they generally have a bit more volume making them paddle fast and extremely stable once your up. At this point , the more waves you catch the quicker you will improve !

If you’re an experienced surfer, you can surf between the flags (often where the best waves are in metro areas ! ). It will also get you in the water when you normally wouldn’t bother ! Keeping your paddle fitness in check for Autumn's better waves

Bottom line riding a softboard is fun. You wont take yourself too seriously, or have a bad surf in the weakest of summer swells.