The new generation of FCS H-3 Fins are soon to be available to the general public. The guy's at FCS cannot stop raving about these fins, and how they have made a huge difference in their surfing. They will be available at Surf Culture in September. In the meantime, have a look at what FCS have to say about the H-3 Nexus fins. THE LATEST EVOLUTION IN FIN DESIGN COMES WITH A TWIST The FCS H-3 NEXUS features TRICOIL technology, a dynamic flex pattern that effectively stores and releases energy as the surfer transitions from one turn into the next. This transition between turns is where most surfers struggle to maintain speed. At FCS we believe we’ve solved this problem by designing a fin with a highly efficient template, material stability, minimal drag characteristics, and above all, unparalleled flex properties. From the moment you ride the FCS H-3 NEXUS you’ll realise this fin has something special. Weather your surfing tight in the pocket or carving on the open face, you can surf confidently knowing all the elements of the fin are working in synergy to deliver the ultimate advantage, more speed. The performance of the H-3 Nexus is seamless; yet quite deliberate in the way it feels. As the evolution of the FCS H-Series continues, so does the way we ride waves.

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