The 6'0 Single Fin is back and better than ever from Mullet


The 6'0 Single Fin is shorter, rails more refined and is trimmed closer to the specs of your regular surf board. 


Riding a single fin is like therapy. It's like a remedial massage for your style and the way you read the wave. Surfing the typical high performance board can teach us bad habits that we don't even realise are happening. It's not until you take a step back can you really take two steps forward. 


It relaxes your mind set and simplifies the thought process and you ask yourself 'what's the most I can get out of this board?'


You have to get low, and squeeze as much drive out of your turns as possible, you use the curve of the wave face with the rail, or the fin, (or all three!) to generate your speed and flow. Without even realising it you're perfecting (or re-perfecting) the core of where your best surfing comes from.


A single fin is essential to any surfer's quiver. Adding one as Softboard option really opens up your Sydney summer options for fun,fitness & fine tunes your surfing for the upcoming Autumn/Winter back on the Shortboard.


Core: Moulded Fusion X (EPS)

Deck: 10lb IXL Crosslink

Slick: Xtra Duralinx

Tail: Rounded Pin

Stringer: 2 X Fibreglass Reinforced Bamboo Stringers

Fins: Single Fin (Fin Included)


6'0" x 20 1/4" x 2 7/8" 35L

Surf Culture Online Softboard Purchases ship with the fin kit as supplied by the brand-Additional items such as leashes/covers are considered to be additional items to be purchased by the customer & are not included in the board purchase.

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