The Biscuit is the ultimate all-round, small wave softboard!


It is designed to perform best in beachie waves up to 4 foot, but would adapt well to a cruisy point break if you have one at hand.


A bit of extra width and a high wide-point makes paddling and catching waves a breeze. The Biscuit is also nice and flat making weak waves and flat sections easier to surf. Being only 5'4", it allows for some tight turns in the smallest of waves. Compared to you average softboard, The Biscuit has much thinner rails, which can buried as hard as a Softboard can be buried !


It's got a Quad fin set for extra drive, but can also be ridden as a twinny if you want it to ride a bit looser. (Fins Included)


Ideal for anyone weighing up to 90kg.


Core: Moulded Fusion X (EPS)

Deck: 10lb PE

Slick: Xtra Duralinx

Tail: Rounded Square

Stringer: 2 X Fibreglass Reinforced Bamboo Stringers

Fins: Quad (Fins Provided)


5'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/16"  35L


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