The Uber Driver XL is designed for the surfer who knows how to surf, prefers a modern performance orientated rocker, but needs a bit of help in the crowded line ups and sloppy surf.

When developing the Uber Driver, Matt Biolos overlooked the larger built surfer...The Uber Driver XL is just as the name says: A scaled up version of the recently re-vamped UBER DRIVER-19. The Uber Driver XL is designed for bigger surfers, as well as intermediate surfers looking for a stepping stone to a more performance type of surfboard. The rocker, outline and bottom curves are performance minded, and directly off the standard UBER DRIVER (which in turn came from the Sub-Driver).

Matt Biolos then enlarged the dimensions and carried the thickness forward plus the deck has been adjusted to a flatter more stable platform with a low apex tapered rail that hides the volume and still permeates the water in turns.

The Uber Driver XL is a great option for those that are built a little bigger or the intermediate surfer looking for their next step in performance. 


This variant is currently sold out