The Twin Pin is the newest addition to the Channel Island range for 2021, desinged by Britt Merrick along side South African style guru Mikey February. The Twin Pin is a unique twin fin not like any other in our range of twinny's, the bottom curve is flat from the nose and gradually morphs into a vee bottom which increases in depth down through the fins and out the back of the tail, this helps the board to rock from rail to rail smoothly with minimal twitch compared to what you would get from most traditional twin fins.

The rails are low to help knife into the wave cleanly and enhance hold, drive and flow through turns, the round tail is a unique feature not often seen with twin fins which enhances that buttery feeling under foot. With regard to sizing there's flexibility in how you want to approach riding this board, Mikey Feb choses to ride his Twin Pin's shorter and an 1/8 of an inch thicker than his usual shortboards but we are finding a lot of customers are having great success riding it longer for a more mid length experience, due to the wide point being pushed forward the rail line is extended which is great for long drawn out turns so there's many ways to skin a cat as they say! The twin pin is an ideal board for long points or beach breaks up or down the coast but will work well as little rip bowl groveller in the Sydney slop also as the rocker is low and will plane nicely on a smaller slopey wave so it's nice and versitile.

The fin system usually comes standard with Futures boxes and it is recommended to ride with a keel style fin that Britt Merrick designed in conjunction with the model, however we have plenty of options that will work in store so be sure to shoot us an enquiry if you need any more recomendations for fins. 

All Twin Pin's come with stock 4 x 4 x 4 glassing and unique resin tints, custom orders are also available but plan ahead this is a board in high demand!


- Rohan 

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