NOW  $699.00 WAS  $890.00

The Italo Ferreira's Pool Party 2 comes right off the original Pool Party that was one of Timmy Patterson's best sellers in Claifornia.

The Pool Party 2 is geared for day to day average conditions. Perfect for those looking for something high performance to still ride in smaller conditions.

The Pool Party 2 is usually ridden around one to two inches shorter than your standard performance shortboard. It has been designed to be ridden well up to about a foot or two overhead making it a good all round board for the Sydney Spring/Summer conditions. Timmy Patterson has run a single to slight double concave that fades into a slight vee off the tail with medium nose rocker and a medium to low tail rocker.

About Timmy Patterson.

Timmy Patterson Surfboards was founded in 1980 in San Clemente California .Timmy continues to apply his knowledge and skills to research, design, and create constantly better surfboards. Very few shapers have been able to attract the kind of surfing talent that has come to rely on Timmy Patterson . If you look closely at the boards of some of the the Californian & Hawai'ian best surfers over the 80's,90's & thoughout the 2000's  you will often find the iconic Timmy Patterson logo. Working with great surfers and personally testing his own boards has provided Timmy with unparalleled feedback he has applied in his shaping. Decades of technical input has helped propel Timmy to the ranks of the shaping elite.

The last couple years Timmy Patterson has been expanding his business in a worldwide fashion & we are stoked to stock his boards on our racks here in Bondi. 

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