The Sunday by Rob Machado has been designed as a cruisy 2 + 1 mid length set up & covers a lot of territory through its 5' 6 to 7'3 length range.

This board is quite unique as it offers different things for different surfers. Ridden in the smaller dimensions,its a super speedy twin which is very pivoty to surf and if you to choose to buy into the bigger dimensions it's a great mid length for a high wave count & hold in bigger surf.

It can be ridden as single fin,a twin and as a 2 + 1 depending on how you want to dial it in for yourself. If you want to draw out turns and flow, ride it as a single fin.Set it up as a twin fin if you want to spark it up.

The Sunday's wide point is quite far forward carrying a fair amount of volume right up to the nose,so it makes for a real easy paddler that carries speed & remains stable. The single into a fairly deep double concave from the centre of the board and vee through the tail generates plenty of lift and releases smoothly into turns. The pulled in tail is great in the pocket in the smaller sizes and when you scale up to the bigger sizes gives great hold in bigger waves.

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