Developed and designed with wide carving Revenge surf/skate trucks for a fun, surf-like experience. The Stubby Cruiser board in Onshore/Cherry Bamboo features dark red stained bamboo deck with mellow concave and kicktail with rubber tail pad for comfort and control. This surf/skate cruiser board also features 175mm Revenge Alpha II Trucks allowing for a greater range of motion and quicker rebound, while maintaining enough stability to push like a normal cruiser. Globe 70mm 83a Roundabout Off-Shore wheels feature rounded lip and full conical cut back on face for consistent slides and holding on turns. Finished with clear broadcast grip to expose dark red stained deck.


• 30” x 10” x 16.25”WB 

• Bamboo deck 

• 175mm Revenge Alpha II Trucks

• Globe Abec-7 bearings

•  70mm 83a Onshore Roundabout wheels

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