The Bullet Epoxy Soft is without a doubt one of the easiest to ride, fast and forgiving fun machines you’ll ever step foot on.
Perfect for the grom stepping off his soft board into a more performance thruster board, while doubling as a fun twin fin for Dad or Mum.
The Bullet is a collaborative design between Lee Stacey and Dakoda Walters. Dakoda wanted a board that accumulated all of the speed attributes of a twin fin but packed a tonne of drive and could hold on rail like a performance thruster. The result is a board which balances harmoniously between speed and drive, sensitivity and control.

Soft Board Specs:

Length: 6'0"
Width: 20 1/4"
Thickness: 2 3/4"

Volume: 37.5L
Core: EPS + 1 Stringers
Slick: 1mm HDPE
Deck: Textured Eva

Fins: 3 X 4.5" PU (included)

Fin Box: 3 X Futures (single tab)

Surf Culture Online Softboard Purchases ship with the fin kit as supplied by the brand-Additional items such as leashes/covers are considered to be additional items to be purchased by the customer & are not included in the board purchase.

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