4mm Bullet shaped nibs to suit any project big or small

Primary Colours include Black, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink & Brown

Pastel Colours include Turquoise, Light Blue, Beige, Orange, English Red, Wisteria, Violet & Grey

Travel Safe to be taken on your next journey

UV Fade Resistant & Waterproof  

Replaceable nibs including the option of Chisel shaped nibs

100% recyclable packaging

Easy to use. Shake, Dab and Paint

Customise your board to look different to the standard stock in the comfort of your very own home.

Surfpaints are designed specifically for Surfboards, however, because of the nature of the smooth, consistent, water based acrylic paint, they work on just about anything! This includes surfaces such as wood, rocks, canvas, plastic, textiles, ceramic and more.

Safe to Use - Surfpaints are safe to use acrylic water based markers, however will need to be sealed with a UV Clear coat spray availble from art supply stores for best results.

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