A New Style for 2021.

The 2 main things we all look for in a Swimfin are Comfort and Power. 

Stealth were pretty happy with the S2 shape and the power provided, but they wanted to create a fin that was easy on the feet for people that felt the burn from a tougher foot pocket. To achieve this, Stealth used a super soft durometer rubber in the Foot Pocket, while retaining stiffness through the blade to make this one of the comfiest fins you will wear.

This is the perfect swimfin for anyone getting into the sport who isn't used to wearing Swimfins. We'd also recommend this fin for anyone who has sensitive feet / is prone to getting fin cuts. Also perfect for lighter uses such as Swimming training, Snorkelling etc.

Due to the softness it has a little less power than the regular stiffer fins, so we probably wouldn't recommend it if you bodyboard/bodysurf larger waves regularly. In saying that though, the difference in comfort is definitely noticeable, so if you wear swim fins often they make a perfect back up pair for the smaller days!

Only Limited Stock available, so grab them while you can!

Apart from all that, it has all the usual Stealth Features:

It is crafted with Floating, 100% Malaysian Rubber, and has a soft asymmetrical foot pocket to produce a perfect fit. It also has a straightened blade for improved acceleration and helping to reduce twist to the ankles and knees. This fin has blade rail ridges and angled rails to transfer energy easily and efficiently. It also has a jet vent drainage system to keep the foot pocket free from sand and rocks.  

This variant is currently sold out