The original Rocket Wide has been one of Channel Islands most versatile and popular boards and this new tail update brings a whole new flair to its qualities.

Adding the Squash tail to the Rocket Wide has given a new perspective on the design. One of the biggest strengths about the Rocket Wide is how much speed it carries through a ride, and the new squash tail really allows rounded out turns and smoother lines on the wave with all that speed.

The Rocket Wide was developed with the Gudauskas brothers & Channel Islands.

The brothers loved the speed and control they were feeling with the Rocket 9 and we wanted to see how they could apply those same levels of fun and performance to a board for smaller and weaker waves.

The Rocket Wide features a wider tail block to skate across flat sections and a wider nose area to accommodate for better paddle power. It's a shorter, wider, skatey feeling board designed to lift the fun factor when the waves are not a their best. 

About Spine-Tek.

Engineered by the crew at Shapers Australia, The exclusive SPINE-TEK partnership allows Channel Islands to build boards that are livelier and more responsive. Like a spring, they load up on energy, provide pop, accelerate out of turns whilst holding speed down the line, and the “spine” keeps its flex pattern unlike timber which loses it over time.

This variant is currently sold out