The original Rocket Wide has been one of Channel Islands most versatile and popular boards and this new tail update brings a whole new flair to its qualities.

Adding the Squash tail to the Rocket Wide has given a new perspective on the design. One of the biggest strengths about the Rocket Wide is how much speed it carries through a ride, and the new squash tail really allows rounded out turns and smoother lines on the wave with all that speed.

The Rocket Wide was developed with the Gudauskas brothers & Channel Islands.

The brothers loved the speed and control they were feeling with the Rocket 9 and we wanted to see how they could apply those same levels of fun and performance to a board for smaller and weaker waves.

The Rocket Wide features a wider tail block to skate across flat sections and a wider nose area to accommodate for better paddle power. It's a shorter, wider, skatey feeling board designed to lift the fun factor when the waves are not a their best. 

This variant is currently sold out