Pre-order only as of 4th August 2023 with first deliveries set to commence from Mid to Late September 2023 ( Outside of the first delivery period on the pre-orders, there is a 10-12 week manufacturing time for Dark Arts construction)

Available only on stock Red Tiger/Red Tiger XL Dims with a 75% deposit required to commence order (Non-Transferable/Refundable if order forfeited) In-Store or you can purchase from the pending first delivery outright below online.

Boards currently displayed as "IN-STOCK" are pre-orders which are available to purchase outright & will be available for collection In-Store once delivered or shipped from Mid-Late September 2023. 

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Adding carbon fiber cloth to a performance surfboard design, truly unites speed and agility with improved durability. Dark Arts surfboards represent the very best in craftsmanship, sustainable values, visionary shaping, and surfing expertise to offer a high performance carbon surfboard. 

  • Hand crafted, vacuum bagged, carbon fiber cloth, over 2lb EPS stringerless foam, for optimum, flex, weight and durability.
  • Dark Arts Carbon is light, lively and generates speed quickly, with lots of pop and spring.
  • Will foot dent but will outlast traditional construction with normal use.
  • Dings can be fixed with epoxy resin and traditional fiberglass.
  • As with any black surfboard, take special care regarding sun and heat. Always keep board in a day bag and out of direct sunlight. 

Silky smooth, even in junk waves, and possibly Pyzel's fastest board yet, The Red Tiger Dark Arts is John John Florence's new High Performance Shortboard for 2023.

It is the ultimate performance machine for small/medium sized, slower, weaker waves based on John's simple guidance - make it Fast and Fun.

The idea for this board was hatched when John began riding some different - fun boards -during some breaks from competing. By far his favorite in the last year has been the new flat rockered, Funformance board, the White Tiger ( in a 5'6"), JJF asked Jon Pyzel to turn that design into something he could take back on tour to ride when the surf was less than pumping or on the weaker side.

The outline is a touch on the plump side for a High Performance Shortboard, but the wide point sits a more traditional inch behind center, keeping the emphasis to surfing it off the mid to back half of the board. The wider tail-block squash helps to keep area in the tail which provides lift and drive, and also helps create pop when going to the air. A moderate hip by the front fins puts a break in the outline to help create a pivot point that allows for tighter radius turns and release in the lip.

The rocker and bottom contour is really what sets this board from other boards in this category. Its Pyzel's flattest HPSB so far and that rocker translates to easy, consistent speed from the moment you stand up, through flat sections and even in super weak, small waves. But, flat rocker can feel sticky and tends to make you surf flat, so Jon Pyzel ran a single to double concave (JJF's favorite bottom contour) through the front 2/3 of the board and then blended that into a significant double concave/deep vee combo through the fins and off the tail. This bottom keeps the flatter board easy to roll rail-to-rail and the vee of the tail works to allow easy vertical surfing and short-arc carves, even in tight, pockety waves.

The thickness flow (foil) from nose to tail is balanced and clean, with the front of the board just barely thinner than the back half. The deck is flat-ish, keeping more foam (volume) out towards the rails. The actual rails are full just in from the outline (under the ball of your hand if you are holding the board under your arm), but are tapered to keep sensitivity and bite.

Ride your Red Tiger Dark Arts around an inch shorter than normal HPSB, and a bit wider. Volume should be close, but go up a ½ to1 liter for added zing in weaker waves. The board will easily turn everyday sessions into something special and Jon Pyzel feels it will outperform any other HPSB in underpar waves AND still come through when the surf turns on !




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