Channel Islands built the original Average Joe to be a fun, simple, easy-to-ride board and it became one their top sellers which we here in Sydney also had great feedback on. After lots of positive feedback from stores across the world & Channel Islands own team testing, a fresh souped-up, sleeker version was created...The Ultra Joe. 

The Ultra Joe boasts more refined foiled rails, a double-bump squash tail, a narrower nose with an updated rocker profile and additional exit rocker.

The result is a progressive step forward for beginner/intermediate surfers while at the same time is an inviting step down for average to good surfers seeking something fun and cruisy on the smaller, weaker days.

About Spine-Tek.

Engineered by the crew at Shapers Australia, The exclusive SPINE-TEK partnership allows Channel Islands to build boards that are livelier and more responsive. Like a spring, they load up on energy, provide pop, accelerate out of turns whilst holding speed down the line, and the “spine” keeps its flex pattern unlike timber which loses it over time.

This variant is currently sold out