The OG FLYER is an adaption of Channels Islands' most popular selling board of all time, this model has been hard for customers to go past for an easy to ride all round short board with small wave capabilities. It's a very user friendly template as the rocker is relatively low for a "performance" short board and has a single to double concave with a vee behind the fins. The double concave is a little more pronounced than most performance templates which helps the board to pivot easier whilst feeling smooth under your feet. The rails are slightly more full for a shortboard for more forgiveness between turns so you are less likely bog a rail in the weaker/less than ideal conditions we get in the Sydney beach breaks. If you're looking for a board that can surf waist to overhead conditions and cover you for most days in the eastern suburbs this is one of the best options out there hands down! 

The Spine Tek epoxy construction turbo charges all the above features of the board and gives you that extra spring whilst generating speed and linking turns, you won't be dissapointed.


- Rohan

This variant is currently sold out