The Fishbeard from Channel Islands is a super versitile performance twin fin that is an addaption of the ever popular Neckbeard model, the front section of the board is taken from Neckbeard but from the middle down it's a different story. The nose template is wider and a flatter like it's counterpart but the tail section features a nice straight hip for extra drive and the swallow tail pulls in to create a more performance feeling twin fin. There's a straight single concave through from the nose to the tail to create speed and liveleness so when you pair that with the flat rocker you get a twin fin that surfs noticebly faster on the face and around sections than just about any twin you will find out there. This model has been an extremly popular addition to our range and has proven to be a go-to fish/twin model from Bondi to Maroubra and the surrounding Sydney beachies, it's recommened to ride with raked keel fins much like the AMK Fins found in the FCS II and Futures range but you can pair it up with a multitude of fin configurations if you're feeling adeventerous.

When you add the epoxy Spine Tek construction to the Fishbeard you get the perfect storm of speed and spark, nothing but excitement!


- Rohan

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