The Neckbeard 3 is a high performance groveller that Britt Merrick refined for Dane Reynolds who originally sawed off the tail of a Dumpster Diver as a bit of an experiment to create the first iteration of the Neckbeard.

Since then they have made some updates based on Dane's feedback, they removed the vee behind the fins so the single concave goes from the nose right through the tail to maintain maximum speed whilst planing on the face. They widened the tail block from the original and added a hip to make the board even more responsive, the overall rocker is flat which means this board is suited to flatter wave faces but they also go amazing in a tight pocket on a bowly wave due to a lift in the tail rocker.

The bottom line with the Neckbeard 3 is it's super fast and super loose small wave board that makes surfing the junky summer waves we get here in Sydney much more tolerable !


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