Delivery expected mid June 2022.

32.5" x 10.25" x 18.5" WB 

Mick has always been the clear representation of power surfing in the modern era of the sport. His rail game is renowned as the finest within the whole surf community, even now after retirement.

Happily, YOW has been able to translate that speed, power and flow into Mick's new signature series Falcon Surfskates. They ride fast and smooth, just like Mick, and are the ultimate surf training tool for the budding surf champ.

The Fanning Falcon Driver mixes an oldschool skateboard outline with our classic specs, making for one of the smoothest rides in our catalogue. The flat nose allows for a stretched 18.5” wheelbase which, together with the deck’s generous kicktail dimensions and deep concave, gives an explosive drive from rail to rail. The Meraki surfskate system and Ura wheels 66x51mm 80a gives you one of the surfiest feelings that you will find out of the water.


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