Originally created for the annual Stab High Waco air comps, the Noa Chlorine is a variation on the standard Noa Model by Luke Short Designs.

Noa kept things simple with his shaper Luke.

"Maybe a 5’10” and a 5’11”, that will do."

They got to work tweaking his base model with a few things in mind; Noa's need to gain speed quickly, then keep that momentum before being able to launch off the end section as high as possible into a stable landing.

Luke condensed Noa’s day to day 6’0” down to a 5’10” adding 1/4” of width, as well as pushing out the nose and tail area to keep the outline drivey when put on a rail.

A lower nose entry rocker allows for rapid speed on take-off with just enough tail rocker to give pop and release.

Luke added in some extra thickness for Noa in the chest area, keeping the deck fairly rolled to avoid a chunky rail.

Although the Noa Chlorine had is development roots for the wave pool originally, It has proven to more than hold its own in the ocean especially when the waves are on the weaker side which makes the Noa Chlorine a great option around Sydney in the Spring/Summer months.

This variant is currently sold out