The Rad Ripper is the latest in lost's 'Post Modern Retro' collection. A direct spin off from the Retro Ripper, but scaled for small, sub-par, every day surfing.

Starting with the Retro Ripper, Matt Biolos lowered the entry rocker (for fast paddle, early entry, easy glide and quickness), and replaced the speed controlling round tail with a wide, planing squash tail. Lots of lift and surface area for small weaker surf.

The Rad Ripper is influenced by 80's surfing and offers the same ease of use from that era's performance short boards and features a flat, stable deck, with steep, low apex, tucked soft rails typical of the 80's era.

The Rad Ripper has a noticeably healthy amount of tail rocker, plus an aggressive double concave, adding even more lift and squirt under the rear foot.

Super-fast, forgiving, user friendly retro 80's fun, featuring modern updates and improvements and suitable for almost anyone. 

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