The Gremlin is the step-down cousin to the Pyzel Phantom, with lots of extra volume packed into a shorter, wider, flatter rockered package designed for quick acceleration, easily sustained speed and great paddle power.

The Gremlin was made for surfing on the days that are less-than-epic, The wider outline is complimented by a low entry rocker for easy speed and glide through the weakest, slowest sections, but with a bit of curve through the tail rocker to add performance and manoeuverability.

The bottom runs from single to double concave, with a nice bit of Vee running off the tail.

This all adds up to a board that paddles easy, gets up and goes fast and still has a snappy, drivey, high-performance feel to get you the most out of weaker junky surf conditions.

THe Gremlin is ridden just above your height or up to 6" shorter (depending on your surfing ability) with roughly 2-3 litres more than your standard shortboard.

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