The Astro Pop Electralite is designed to give you some extra spark and easy paddle in weaker, slower waves, while still offering performance to ride in good surf.

Built off of the Astro, Pyzel's retro fish they have been making for years, the Astro Pop Electralite has a more pulled in nose and tail, with a little wing to help pull in the last 4 inches of the tail which creates a lot of curve in the outline, adding manoeuverability without sacrificing any speed. The bottom has a deep double concave running through to vee off the tail which makes the board get up on top of the water in even slower, weaker waves and still easily tip over onto the rail at high speeds.

A mild beak nose helps keep the thickness up into the nose thats not overly chunky, more like a daily driver type board but with easy paddling aided by the flatter entry rocker. We recommend the Astro Pop Electralite as a quad, for speed, but it comes stock with a 5-fin setup to maximize versatility.

Ride it short as you want and about ¾ʼʼ to 1ʼʼ wider than your everyday shortboard.

About Electralite.

ElectraLite Surfboards are an Epoxy Tech board that has been designed to replicate the ultra-light weight feeling of a Pro board, but with more strength and durability than a traditional PU blank. Light and strong ElectraLite boards are engineered with a flex that is designed to last. Using Stringerless EPS blanks, custom designed Web-fused Carbon reinforcement on the bottom and deck provides long lasting, resilient flex memory, glassed with 6 ounce bottoms and 6/4 ounce decks. 

The result is a very light board with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, added flotation for better paddle power, and a free lively feel. ElectraLite Tech is a great way to bring new life to high-performance boards likewise for small wave designs.

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