New for Spring 22-The long awaited EPS/Epoxy update of the Inferno 72.

The Inferno 72-Stab in the Dark 2021 - WINNER.

The Inferno 72 is the model Sharpeye Surfboards built for the 2021 Stab in the Dark contest. This board is a PU/PE replica of the Dark Arts Epoxy board that took the win with Legendary Australian Surfer Taj Burrow putting this design above all others in the unique blind board test that Stab Magazine has been running over the years.

Previous shapers to win the Stab in the Dark title have been Darren Handley, Jon Pyzel x 2, Al Merrick,Matt Biolos & now Marcio Zouvi from Sharpeye.

The Inferno 72 was originally designed for Filipe Toledo to compete on at "The Rumble at the Ranch" competition in 2020. Filipe ended up winning the comp. When Sharpeye shaper Marcio Zouvi was approached by Stab to enter the Dark Arts edition for 2021 he chose to supply the Inferno 72.

The Inferno 72 is a tuned up version of the Disco Inferno, a tried and tested QS favourite. We have added more rocker in the entry and exit for more hold through turns and drive. It’s going to surf its best in small to medium waves and just like the Disco Inferno the Inferno 72 is a performance surfboard that will handle just about all conditions thrown at it and maintain its spark.

About Sharpeye Surfboards.

The Sharp Eye Brand started with head shaper Marcio Zouvi, beginning his shaping career in the late 80's with Californian influences like Rusty, Gary Linden and Al Merrick. Sharp Eye Surfboards focus on high performance shortboards designed with progressive surfing in mind has allowed his surfers to really raise the bar in both competition & freesurfing sessions . Marcio Zouvi's knowledge in performance refinement has attracted many WQS & WCT Surfers over the past years to put full trust in his designs.

Sharp Eye Surfboards are currently being ridden by some of the world's best including Australia's Morgan Cibilic, Sally Fitzgibbons, Macy Callaghan, Brazil's Filipe Toledo, Japan's Kanoa Igarashi, Indonesia's Rio Waida & Hawai'ian Barron Mamiya. 

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