The Vader is a new Model for 2022 and features Softlite's new Hybrid Construction. 

About The Vader

The Vader is based more on a Retro Style Mid Length Template. This shape is super popular and lends its self perfectly to the Hybrid Softboard construction style. 

It is ideal for surfers of most levels, and is suitable to use in a variety of wave conditions (either big or small).

The template is user friendly enough to provide some extra paddle power, stability and drive, allowing you to squeeze a bit of juice out of the smaller, weaker days.

In saying that, the longer rail lengths are sleek and racey enough for for fast, down-the-line speed, and allow smooth, clean turns on open faces in bigger conditions. 

It's got a relatively low, continuous rocker,  allowing the board to glide at speed and turn with ease.

Softlite opted to use a Rounded Pin tail on this model.  This tail design provides the benefit of a Pin Tail as it creates a small reduction in surface area to maintain control, while keeping it rounded provide a bit more release enabling smoother, more drawn out turns.

Softlite also did their best to solve the #1 problem of softboards - the rails! The Hybrid Range features an updated version of our Parabolic Rolled Rail Technology. These are then hand shaped, allowing softer rails near the nose tapering down to a sharp, harder edged rail at the tail. Similar to regular fibreglass surfboards, it allows if to be forgiving and not catch rails up front, but gives it a bit more bite making it easier to turn off the tail.

Similarly, to a stringer, these rails also provides extra stiffness in the board, and generally helps to increase the durability of the board. 

Board features a Thruster Fin Set up using Futures Fin Boxes.

This variant is currently sold out