The Holy Hypto is a combination of the Hypto Krypto and Holy Grail models, thus the Holy Hypto was created (formerly the Cohort_V). Having more entry rocker, longer rail line with a performance nose, this shape will surf like your everyday driver with the speed and flow of the Hypto. 

The wide point is forward of center allowing a lot of hidden foam to be under the front foot giving the surfer a larger sweet spot while surfing and great paddle power. Ridden 2” longer than your Hypto Krypto, it will suit a great variety of waves with a high performance approach.

The Holy Hypto is suitable for those progressing in surfing ability to advanced surfers looking for the performance to match everyday waves. Ridden 2” longer than your Hypto Krypto

It is an everyday driver designed to work in waist high to 8ft face waves.

Anything from beach breaks, reef to point breaks the Holy Hypto will perform in all round conditions.

Medium entry rocker (similar to Holy Grail), flat center rocker, and slight tail rocker.

Rolled vee in the entry, single concave under front foot, double concave through fins, and vee double out the tail.

This variant is currently sold out