The Happy Traveller is also offered in Pro Dims for Advanced Surfers looking for aditional responsiveness due to the refined volume that adds a extra dimension of performance to the Happy Traveller.

Proven in serious & dreamy conditions around the world, the Happy Traveler is a one board travel quiver you can throw in the boardbag & be covered for most places you can think of when the waves turn on proper. The Happy Traveler takes the proven rocker curve of the Happy and tunes it for surf where a step-up is desirable due to size, power, or quality of waves.

In powerful hollow surf, you need to be able to control and harness speed rather than create it. The Traveler’s decreased concave between the fins, straighter pulled in outline in the back third, and leading fin’s placement closer to the rail optimize hold and control in quality surf. This allows you to surf with more confidence and freedom as you are more connected to the wave face. The Happy Traveller is one of those boards that allow you to think less and surf better when surfing in waves with hollowness & power you wouldnt experience regularly.

One aspect of travelling to better hollow waves is gaining the confidence to get in over the ledge. The Happy Traveler maximizes your paddling power and ability to catch waves with more thickness carried in the forward deck and rail, and a fuller outline in the front third of the board, these same characteristics also make the board perform exceptionally well in the barrel.

When the swell drops, the Happy's rocker still gets the job done when the waves are back in the fun (not scary) zone and proves this board to be a solid option in your quiver if wish to travel light on boards.

The Happy Traveler comes standard with a round pin and can be set up and ridden as a thruster or quad.

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