Rob Machado had been wanting to experiment with some longer fishy kind of boards under the influence of master San Diego Shaper/Surfer Skip Frye & his legendary fishes in the 7 foot range.

Rob first stretched out the Go Fish and made it a 7 footer.  It worked great,but Rob felt there was more refinement to investigate. A Seaside was stretched up to 7ft and it became one of Rob's favorite boards his quiver. " I rode it in everything. Super small days, bigger days and everything in between. It’s become a board that I will take with me every where I go."

That board was what evolved into the Seaside & Beyond.

It's glide & flow combined with its ability to turn on a dime has proven it to be a very solid option for crew wanting some extra paddling length without giving up maneuverability.

This variant is currently sold out