James initially designed this board for Jay Davies to handle the heavy water of the West Oz outer reefs. Since then, this board has been tested through-out the epic Australian east coast winter of 2020 and Hawaii.


We have designed this board with maximum attention to detail. A 9mm hardwood cedar stringer and double leash plug gives the rider full confidence in challenging conditions.



OUTLINE: The Faded 2.0 Gun outline is fast. The nose holds enough outline area to have an incredible amount of paddle power. This is amplified with the 'beak' nose that holds more foam from under the chest right up to the nose tip. From the middle down to the pin tail is foiled together with the deck and bottom rocker to create an insane amount of hold. Just what this board requires.



ROCKER: The board has a medium entry, and a smooth medium tail rocker. These compliment the Vee Double Concave bottom contour. The rocker plays a big part in the paddling momentum thats needed when surfing big waves. The water is moves much faster and gaining speed in a few strokes is essential.



CONTOURS: Vee Double Concave runs down the full bottom of the board (nose to tail). It gives the board complete traction onto the wave face. This board is guaranteed to hold in waves on consequence.



RAIL: Full rail to add to the paddle power in the top 1/3 of the board, evens out in the middle which tapers down low towards the bottom 1/3 of the board providing maximum hold.



WAVE HEIGHT: 8-20 ft







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