Words by Dane Reynolds:

"The idea came when riding the original dumpster diver while filming “out of the rafters” and tripping out on how tiny and short the dumpster diver felt and wanting to try to build a longer modernized version. The original dumpster diver was created when I had AL shape me a short stubby board for a trip that I loved then I came home and lowers comp was going to be small but back then there was a weird stigma with riding ‘Fishy’ boards in a surf comp so I wanted to redo the short stubby board and disguise it with a shortboard nose, I believe with the short timeline and wanting epoxy they happened to find the right blank in the dumpster, a discarded blemish... not sure who actually named it that but it was on the stringer.

When I revisited that original dumpster during ‘out of the rafters’ I was blown away that I rode that in a comp and had any success as the shortboard nose on a 5’7” made it insanely short, like an infants board, so I wanted to create a stretched out version with a modernized nose template... Britt can dial in the details on changes we made to design, we retemplated tail, I don’t believe rocker or concave changed, tuck seems new/modernized," - Dane Reynolds.

Engineered by the crew at Shapers Australia, the exclusive SPINE-TEK partnership allows Channel Islands to build boards that are livelier and more responsive. Like a spring, they load up on energy, provide pop, accelerate out of turns whilst holding speed down the line, and the “spine” keeps its flex pattern unlike timber which loses it over time.

This variant is currently sold out