Regardless of your age, surfing in summer wreaks havoc on the visage, so keeping the sun off your dial is essential, however it comes. Which led Deus to the Surf Bucket Hat. Generally you’re either the sort who wears headgear in the surf or you’re not, but Deus is here to make a case for tightening the straps and getting out there.

 There’s all the tech you need in a surfing sun-shade - adjustable chin strap, moisture wicking/quick dry fabrication, a legionnaires flap to further shade your neck from the hot rock, and a much needed hat-saver for when you end up in traction. If you’re still on the fence, close your eyes and picture the seasoned Indo traveller, parked in a big green tube with a trusty surf hat strapped atop their zinc-plastered (usually balding) head. Core cool? You bet....

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