Meet the winning surfboard for the 2023 Stab in the Dark with Italo Ferreira, the CI 2.Pro ! The 2.Pro boasts the same outline and bottom contours that won the 2022 SITD, with Jack Robinson, but utilizes a reduced overall rocker to better match the surfing style and waves that Britt Merrick believed would be on offer for 2023.

When launching the CI Pro, both rockers had been tested and proven to work well in a wide array of conditions.  Since that time Britt discovered that much of his team likes the CI Pro curve and others prefer the 2.Pro curve, both being widely used by the team globally for over a year.  While considering the waves to be surfed in the 2022 SITD he thought the more rockered out version would complement the power and shape of the waves in Hawaii, as well as Jack Robinson’s surfing.  When looking at this years’ contest, Britt had a sneaking suspicion the surfer was Italo Ferreira.  Taking into consideration his style of surfing and the wide variety of waves that might be encountered in Brazil, he felt that the slightly less rockered 2.Pro would be the right fit.

Maintaining the goal of ultimate performance, the 2.Pro introduces added speed via the reduced rocker, making it easier to surf for a wider range of surfers in a greater variety of waves.  Having a ¼” less overall rocker compared to the CI Pro, the 2.Pro maintains the same subtle single concave to slight double through the fins allowing the board to sit in the water and create that familiar connected feeling through transitions.  

Britt Merrick's experience has been, if someone was a fan of the CI Pro, the 2.Pro enhances their quiver as some of his team riders will order the 2.Pro for lesser conditions; if someone was intimidated by the CI Pro, the 2.Pro opens up new possibilities to them.

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