The Cheat Code Softboard from SharpEye Surfboards delivers the World’s Fastest Softboard with Up- Volume Performance.

A tuned-up, Up-Volume Performance Shortboard inspired Softboard for 2024

The Cheat Code Softboard features a forgiving boxy rail that minimises rail catches in full / flat sections and sub-par conditions. The bottom contour features a medium single concave that ends between the fins ending with a flat exit. The single concave combined with a flat entry rocker that flows seamlessly into a flat exit rocker, provides an instant burst of speed from take-off with exceptional control, drive and carry in small-sized conditions.

Ride the Cheat Code Softboard 2-4 inches shorter than your regular shortboard and enjoy its extra touch of width and thickness for the best high performance Softboard experience this summer. 

This variant is currently sold out