This board has evolved from a mixture of Project Black models we have made over the years for our team rider Kobi Clements. Kobi has progressed onto high performance models but the DNA in this board is fast, forgiving and reliable for any grom from the intermediate to advanced level. 

We have basically squashed the nose and tail slightly together, widened the outline that brings us a board allowing youto ride 1-3 inches smaller then a regular shortboard. Having width under the front foot with a pulled in squash tail allows fora quick acceleration surfboard but with enough foam to get through those dead sections. Having a more rounded outline (which is the main difference from our pre- vious Grom model) means turning is a lot easier and can take your shredding to the next level also don’t be fooled it’s very user friendly for all ages and levels of surfing. Groms, come and get em.




This variant is currently sold out