Core: Kinetic Core PP (EPP 1.9lb)
Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE (NXLPE)
Slick: HDPE
Stringer: 2 X S5 Stringer 
Reinforcement: Slick Mesh
Rails: 55/45 Double Rails
Channels:  Graduated Channels
Tail: Crescent Tail w/ Tail Piece
Contours: Nose Bulbs

The Squad Board contains pretty much off the features of a Pro Model board squeezed into a Mid-range price. Only difference is that it has an HD Slick instead of Surlyn. 

The template is modelled off the Stealth Team template. This template is a collaboration between all Stealth Pro Riders and has been used in numerous board models over the past few years such the El Gringo, Speed Dealer & the S-Flex.

This board uses probably the most popular core construction in modern bodyboards - Polypro Core / Single Stringer / Slick Mesh, which makes it pretty suitable for most climates.

The PP core is lightweight, 100% waterproof and has ideal flex and recoil properties. It is then reinforced with a carbon fibre stringer to provide enhanced durability and a bit of extra stiffness. The added slick mesh also helps to improve durability and gives the board better projection through turns and off the lip. 

The Squad also come with creature comforts such as Nose Bulbs to help the rider easily hold onto the board through critical situations. It also has CNC Graduated Channels to help hold rail when surfing hollower style waves.


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