Core: Kinetic Core PP (EPP 1.9lb)
Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE (NXLPE)
Slick: Surlyn
Stringer: S10 Stringer 
Reinforcement: Slick Mesh
Rails: 55/45 Double Rails
Channels:  AKU Shaped CNC Parallel Channels
Tail: Crescent Tail w/ Tail Piece
Contours: Nose Bulbs

Davis' new signature whip. Davis has been riding a few of the other Stealth sleds to get this thing fine-tuned over the past few months. 

This has  been Stealth's first year working with Davis, so they kept it nice and simple. Kinetic Core, Stringer and Mesh squeezed into Davis' new signature template. 

If you follow Wingass, or have seen the 3 Amigo's, you'd understand he shreds in pretty much everything, and rides a huge variety of waves, so we reckon this board is a perfect all-rounder.

This variant is currently sold out