Surfculture is now stocking shapes by VOUCH/SURF. If you havent heard of them check out their work here and here . They really do produce some fine quality surfboards. Shaped by Paul Hutchinson - Paul Who? Some people may not know who Paul is, but if you’re any sort of surfer who has any idea of Australian surf history or have ever watched Morning Of The Earth, then you should. Paul first started shaping when he was 15 under his own “Hutchinson Surfboards” label, and while he has “dabbled” in other areas, he has always continued shaping. An absolute master craftsman, any board he touches turns to gold. All boards are designed by Evan Squirrell, who works tirelessly with Paul to make each and every board what it should be, Fucking Amazing. In stock right now we have a Rolled V Gen #2 and Gen #3. Come in and check these bad boys out before they're gone. Custom orders also available. For more info contact: Pat@surfculture.com.au

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Channel Islands Fred Stubble is here



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