Surf Culture / Deus Ex Machina Collaboration

Deus Ex Machina Surf Culture has collaborated with Deus Ex Machina to bring you some of the most amazing looking surfboards from one of the world’s leading shapers, Al Merrick. These boards have all been tweaked in all essence of the word to give these surfboards something special. The graphic design team at Deus has worked hard to create designs that not only cement their love of surfing, but compliments the Channel Island brand. The idea for these boards came about over coffee meetings and the desire to create something truly unique in an industry that favours the all white surfboard. The models that we chose to use are the Gravy, Retro Fish, M13, Classic, Waterhog, Performer and the Quong. These boards are all resin tinted and use a six ounce cloth to give you the feeling of holding something different to your everyday Al Merrick. There will be envious looks from all who see you on your way out for your next surf at your local with one of these under your arm. To see these insane looking surfboards, head out to the Deus Ex Machina store, 98 – 104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown. While you’re there make sure you grab a coffee and something to eat at the café! DEUSMERRICK

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