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Happy New Year! With the madness of December over and January kicking into gear we thought it would be cool to show you what models have been the most popular over the last few months. 2010 was the year for shorter, wider and thicker models hitting the shelves. These boards make sense for all surfers and have made surfing your local beach more fun. There is really something for every ability here at Surf Culture. We will make sure you've got the right bit of fiberglass under your feet!
One of the latest models to arrive on the floor is the new CI Motorboat. Rob Machado wanted to bridge the gap between his Biscuit and Gravy, the Motorboat does that. A Low entry rocker along with single to double concave with vee make this board really motor. Super fast and fun in flat faced waves, the Motorboat blends performance and volume into the ideal small to medium wave performance board. Motorboat's are built with either "Greenfoam" or recycled EPS, UV cure resins, and recycled fins, as Rob also wanted to make the Motorboat have less impactl on the environment. A limited edition run of 75 boards signed by Rob are planned to have foam waste combined with concrete for water fountains commissioned by Rob's foundation for schools. Size: Knee to slightly overhead; Skill: Novice to advanced FEEDBACK Should be ridden approx. 4 inches smaller than your shortboard. DESIGNED FOR Knee to slightly overhead, novice to advanced surfers. It's available in sizes from 5'2 - 6'4 and comes standard with Future Fins. RRP $885

BLACK FLAG WHIP Kelly Slater won his 10th World Title in 2010. Kelly Slater was also busy coming up with new designs to push what's possible on a surfboard even further. The Black Flag Whip is a model that, since it's arrival there has been a lot of interest.
MODEL DESCRIPTION Kelly's latest edition to his small wave arsenal is now available as the Black Flag Whip. The same shorter, wider Whip outline now has Al's single to double Tri-Plane Hull bottom. Kelly finds the board is fast and has an even more responsive feel than the previous single concave version. A double concave deck gets your feet closer to the water line . We have also added carbon fiber strips on the bottom stretching from the nose to the leading fins. Stopping the carbon fiber near the leading fins concentrates the flex in the tail, thus providing more spring out of turns. The half moon tail option breaks up the rail line and gives the board more release out of the top of the wave. FEEDBACK Should be ridden 3-4 inches smaller than your shortboard, 1/4" wider and the same thickness. DESIGNED FOR Everyday use by intermediate to expert surfers in knee to head high surf. It is available in sizes from 5-8" to 6'6" RRP $965

Dane Reynolds is without a doubt the most exciting surfer on the planet today. If you've seen his blog, you'll probably agree. Constantly keeping people on their toes in and out of the water. Dane's Dumpster Diver blew minds when he surfed it at Trestle's, still blowing minds of everyone who rides them.
MODEL DESCRIPTION Our board designs are direct results of team feedback, so when Dane showed up at the factory requesting a short wide epoxy with single concave and a huge square tail to make the summer bearable, the Dumpster Diver was born. When he came back a week later and wanted one with a narrower nose and a Rookie tail template for the Trestles contest in 3 days, the 2nd Generation Dumpster Diver was created. Using the front half of our Sashimi model, and the template for the back half of our Rookie short board, this second version version remained under his feet all the way through to his first final at the WCT Trestles 2009. Though still a work in progress the Dumpster Diver flies and still has enough kick in the tail to carve in the pocket. If you want to try the board as it was in the Trestles contest, then get one quick, as you never know where he will take the design next. FEEDBACK Short, wide and ugly, but fun and fast. DESIGNED FOR Small to med surf, launching. Intermediate to expert. Available in sizes from 5'4" to 6'2". RRP $810

The board that got people thinking that small wave grovelling could be fun and functional again was the Pod. This board has been around for a few years now, but it's popularity is still growing. You can bet that you'll see at least one guy riding one every surf.
MODEL DESCRIPTION The Pod, an inspiration in Kelly’s for new surfboards and design direction, is built to fly. Deep concaves with a foiled nose and a swallow tail keep the Pod lively and maintains its high performance. The “snub” nose puts volume forward, allowing for maximum planing and wave catching. The wide, curvy outline makes the Pod friendly for all levels of surfers. Ride this board 6” to 8” shorter, about 1 1/2” wider and about 1/8” thicker. Also available in a quad and 5 fin set-up. FEEDBACK Punts, turns, you can do it all. A summer favorite. DESIGNED FOR Novice to expert surfers for knee high to slightly overhead waves. Available in sizes from 5'2" to 6'4". RRP $795

Easily one of the most popular surfboards EVER, the Flyer is a good all rounder for when the waves are under 4ft and you don't feel like riding a Fish. THE FLYER
MODEL DESCRIPTION A worldwide favorite, this design excels in small to medium surf but still rides and responds like a conventional shortboard. Al considers this the best small wave shortboard he has ever designed. It should be ridden 2” to 3” shorter and 1/4” to 1/2” wider than your normal shortboard. We can build the Flyer up to 7’6” for you big guys. Also available as a Quad and in XTR technology. DESIGNED FOR Small to medium surf for all levels of surfers from beginner to expert. Available in sizes from 5'8" to 6'6". RRP $780

With guy's like Parko, Jordy Smith, Occy, Bruce and Andy Irons riding his boards, it's no wonder JS is behind some of the best boards on the market. A firm favorite for surfers ranging from the beginner to advanced is the Nitro.
The Nitro was JS' new 2009 small wave innovation and is clearly our #1 best selling model world wide. The Nitro is the catalyst for all new 2010 small wave performance additions and still remains a favorite for many surfers world wide. Ride the Nitro 4 inches shorter and run with the JS designed set dimensions and feel the speed that comes from the flat rocker and concave combos that make this model a clear winner. It is available in sizes from 5'6" to 6'6". RRP $765

The dark horse of Summer 2010/11 is the Kingpin. It started off slow, but the momentum has grown and now it's one of our biggest selling boards.
If you love rounded pins then you will love this new double flyer rounded pin tail. King Pin is another addition to the world of shorter and wider models. With a flat deck, wider outline and flyers leading into a little rnd pin tail, the tail offers an incredibly tight turning circle in the pocket. The wide outline overcomes any catch through turns; the flat single concave entry under your chest offers a lot of lift and speed with a double concave between the fins. Try this model and you will be hooked. Ride this board 3-4 inches shorter than normal up to 6 feet. Available in sizes from 5'6" to 6'6". RRP $765

The Blak Box is another one of the more popular models from JS. It's a small wave high performance machine!
BLAK BOX offers a fuller curvy outline with a higher and more defined hip pulled from the fins into a nice straight directional tail curve through to the wider tail pod. JS has spent a lot of time on this model combining old school outlines with the latest bottom curves showcasing plenty of detail. Once again Jason has come through with another house favorite amongst the JS pro team for smaller waves. The entry is super flat with a double scoop concave under the chest leading into relatively deeper double concave between the fins and single concave exit out through the wider tail. The deck is flat giving the board an overall feeling of extra forgiveness allowing you to ride this board thinner than a normal performance board. You will find this board fast in flat sections because extra foam has been left under your chest and front foot. Ride this board 3-4 inches shorter than normal. Available in sizes from 5'4" to 6'6". RRP $765
A favorite board for a certain amazing surfer. The Konfusion is sure to please the surfer who wants an easier paddling shortboard, but without compromising any performance.
Once in a while you get that winning model that everyone can enjoy in all conditions from 1- 6 feet. Someone we know stole this board from JS just after creation and to this date tells us that Konfusion is his favorite board of all time. This says a lot coming from a someone who might have won a few world titles. The “KONFUSION” is a new addition to the JS “X Series” category. Expect the ultimate performance board with the extra versatility for all conditions. Available in sizes from 5'6" - 6'6". RRP $765

Lee Stacey is a man on the rise. Expect big things from him in the future. Already a favorite amongst young up and coming surfers from all over. His boards are getting more popular by the second, and one of those is The Twist. A small wave board, not dissimilar to a Blak Box or Dumpster Diver, but just with the Stacey touch.
Inspired by the boards Dane Reynolds surfed in last years Trestle’s contest and worked on with team until now, The TWIST should be ridden 4-6 inches shorter an inch wider . It has a wide nose and tail outline, a super flat deck for speed and stability, but is ridden the same thickness as your normal board to keep it feeling free and sensitive under your feet. Ridden in waves up to head high, and designed for anyone looking to enjoy themselves. Available in sizes from 5'7" to 6'0". RRP $730.

A big brother to the Twist is the Guild. A great option if you're looking for something in between your small wave board and regular shortboard.
Like it’s little brother The TWIST, The GUILD is inspired by what everyone’s trying with small wave performance boards. This year how ever we tried using a more normal short board outline. The combination of a super flat rocker and deep single into double concave helps The GUILD feel fast and responsive, with plenty of squirt, it will cut across any flat section and fit in the tightest of beach break pockets. The perfect cross over board from fish to short board. Available in sizes from 5'6" to 6'2". RRP $730

This little bad-boy is a cool looking board. Lee shaped a board similar to this for Mick Fanning during the Hurley contest at Huntington Beach last year. Mick loved it, and it has been a favorite for guy's looking for something a little different in their quiver.
The CD2 is a small wave performance fish, it has a wider than average nose to help carry over flat gutless waves, but the tail half of the board has been given a hip which has allowed for the tail to be pulled into a tight swallow. This also means it can be ridden tight in the pocket. The tail rocker is flat for instant speed, but we’ve added a large amount of vee out the back to maintain rail line and help with those tight pocket turns in the smaller waves it’s designed for. Should be ridden 4 inch shorter, an inch wider and up to an 1/8 thicker. It comes with Stacey twin fin Future fins designed for this model. Available in sizes from 5'6" to 6'2". RRP $730

We first got these boards in December. I can't get enough of these things! They are walking out the door! Chilli has come up with a winning formula once again. The Birds Eye is the perfect compliment to any shortboard loving surfer.
Ride the Birds Eye 2”-3” shorter. It keeps the same volume as your regular board, just shorter and wider. The Foam is spread evenly from the stringer to the edge of your rail, giving this board its defining feature... Its got a flaaat deck. Enjoy the flight. Available in sizes from 5'4" - 6'2". RRP $750.

For the grovel, Chilli has also given us the Red Peppa. It looks funky, but don't be fooled. Another really popular board this summer.
With a low fast entry to get through flat sections. A deep double concave which keeps transition from rail to rail very smooth. The rounded square v-tail in conjunction with the 3” flat panels out on each rail stabilizes & narrows the water flow under your board keeping speed. Very tech, easy to use. Ride the red Peppa 4” - 5” shorter. Available in sizes from 5'4" to 6'2". RRP $750

Probably one of the most interesting boards to come out in the last few years is the Sweet Potato from Firewire. Super fast, super fun!
The SP dramatically changes the ratio between the length and width of a board while still allowing the design to perform at a very high level. Designer Dan Mann explains, “The aggressive bottom contour creates considerable lift and the deep double concave with a ‘spine’ down the middle divide the board in half isolating the fins, rocker and bottom on one side of the board at a time. This allows the board to get on a rail quickly. The Sweet Potato is the board you should always bring on a surf check, and you'll find yourself ripping on small days where you'd otherwise go home”. Available in sizes from 4'8" to 6'4". RRP $775

Firewire are perfect if you're looking for board that is durable, but won't lose performance. The Dominator has been a favorite amongst those wanting a board that crosses between a Pod, Biscuit and a shortboard.
Designed by Dan Mann, and perhaps the most versatile board in the Firewire quiver to date, the DOMINATOR combines a full outline with a thick foil from nose to tail and a 5/4/3 fin configuration. Dan moved the wide point back to reduce the nose profile, maintaining all of the speed but with none of the top turn drawbacks of retro nose outlines. Built with the flex characteristics and lightweight of FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY, the DOMINATOR paddles like it's turbo charged and does not track like heavier PU boards with similar dimensions. Take Charge! Available in sizes from 5'2" to 6'10". RRP $750 - $895.

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