Non stop!!

Autumn, the best time of year to be a surfer on the East coast. After a terrible(and wet) summer, the waves have really turned on the last few weeks. Consistent east swells being groomed by west winds and some really quality sandbanks around the place have produced lots of great waves. I hope everyone has been getting their fix. Those chilly morning offshores have meant busting out the steamer a little bit earlier this year. We have just received a whole bunch of fresh suits from all the regulars, Oneill, Rip curl, Billabong, Xcel, Peak, and Patagonia. With suits and waves this good there's no reason to go to Indo! We also have some new Semi guns in, if you have a trip planned or just want something for those bigger days at home theres plenty to choose from. The 'Heavy water' from Chilli, The 'Warewolf' step up from Stacey and The Proton step up from CI have all had some very positive feedback from our regular customers! Heres a few shots from a little trip myself and Surfculture team rider Wylie Moyes took last monday. Get out there and get some for yourself!!!

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