We are pleased to announce that Surf Culture will be one of a very LIMITED number of stores stocking Kid Creature. Kid Creature is a clothing label from Newport Beach, California. The tee's artwork is done by 11 wonder kid, Calvin Saxton. Calvin has become a bit of a hit around his local beach and has been taken under the wings of some of the older guy's in the area. Kid Creature’s shirts are worn by the likes of professional surfers’ Dane Reynolds, Matt Archbold, Ford Archbold, Andrew Doheny, Thom Pringle and Phoenix Sun’s basketball player Steve Nash.
KID CREATURE X DANE REYNOLDS The man who changed the face of modern shortboard surfing in recent years; Dane Reynolds, has recently collaborated with Kid Creature whilst designing a new apparel line called ‘Summer Teeth’. The story, as per Calvin’s dad goes something a little like this: The day started out with Cal and Dane getting a surf in at 54th St, Newport then they headed off to a design studio which works with Dane on his ST project. He thumbed through Cal's art box & really liked a couple things that are very contrasting; the two of them know no rules or boundaries with this stuff & they melded them together. The purity of the project was beautiful. Dane is very selfless & wanted it to be just Cal's art, though Cal reminded him that he said it was going to be a collaboration. Dane had to put something on the project, so Dane drew one of his characters on Cal's creature & they settled in on it needing to be a beach towel for the range. It is a super rad relationship that Cal values for all the reasons a young kid would probably overlook. He is hardly concerned that Dane is the greatest surfer on the planet (in his opinion) but more enthralled with the fact that he can talk about rad markers he found in Little China or snapshots he picked up at the swap meet. Dane is just a normal dude who is so not hung up with his talents & gift, that he can strip it down to the level of an eleven year old.

Proceeds of the sale of Kid Creature tee's will go to fighting Cystic Fibrosis. The shirts will be available at Surf Culture in December 2011. To find out more about Kid Creature, head to

KID CREATURE from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

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