Jordy Smith's Futures Fin

FUTURES RELEASES JORDY SMITH SIGNATURE FIN Futures is proud to announce the release of the new Jordy Smith Signature Fin. The release marks the first of a series of Futures fins to be designed by Jordy, geared towards high performance surfing in all conditions.Performance is innate in Jordy. He grew up in his dad’s surfboard factory, taking on knowledge about surfboard design when he was only just learning to ride one."I used to lay up the fins in the shop. I’ve worked on thousands of boards, and have had a lot of experience with fin placement, tow angles, cants and templates," Jordy said during a recent interview with Futures. "When I signed with Futures, they came on board and said we’re going to make you your own fin, and I was super excited."This fin represents Jordy’s in-depth knowledge of his equipment and his ability to translate a feeling in the water into a fin description for the engineers to work from. The large area suits Jordy’s big frame perfectly. Featuring a wider base and thinner tip, the template has laid back lines, accentuating Jordy’s effortless approach to a tee."I was surfing New Pier, my homebreak, and the board just felt so under my feet. It felt super alive. I was pushing as hard as I could and at the same time when I wanted to release, I could. It was mid-way through this year that I really found the fin, and I was just like this is really what I want for my surfing."The Jordy Smith Signature Fin is available in stores now, in the Large size. Coming Spring 2013 the Small and Medium size Jordy fins will be available, so surfers of all size can benefit from Jordy’s designs.

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