Finless Surfing

Finless surfing has really taken off in the last few years, partially due to the fact that guys like Rasta are having a tonne of fun on the more traditional Alaia and Tom Wegner is shaping such beautiful crafts. Now, hard wooden planks aren't for everyone, especially around Bondi in summertime. So the guys at Softlite, Global surf industries and El Nino have all developed their own finless boards to have you shredding close to (or between) the flags all summer long. The Mullet - Softlite The Mullet is all about having fun and enjoying those epic summer beach days when the surf is slightly smaller than you would've liked. The Mullet has the shape of a classic fish, but it most defineltly doesn't ride like one. The boards are multifunctional surf crafts that allow you to be experimental with your surfing. The board has the ability to slide into spins and gain speed as well as maintain control while surfing rail to rail. It's also great for a number of manovers from the cutback to the air reverse, from the 360 to the el rollo.
The Albacore - Seaglass Project The Albacore is the simplest finless board in the world. It makes the thrill of finless surfing fun, easy and user friendly. The feeling the Ancient Hawaiians had as they rode their finless Alaia surfboards is now more attainable to more surfers. The Albacore surfs much like a thin wood alaia because of flex, yet it is soft and paddles very well and easily. The EPS core delivers this flex, and makes for surprising control and manoeuvrability. The board bounces from turn to turn and feels light underfoot. It takes the joy of finless surfing out of the advanced surfer’s world and into the realm of the beginner to intermediate surfer. The Moke - El Nino A modern on the original wooden Alaia boards.This versatile craft can be used as a skim board, bodyboard or finless surfboard. Let the fun begin. Size: 53'' 2 x fibre stringer Double substrate PE core

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