ECTO Handplanes

Ecto Handplanes believes in bodysurfing adventures, recycling and creating the best handplane designs for all bodysurfers. Since 2013 Ecto Handplanes has won multiple design awards both in Australia and internationally, all acknowledging the specific ‘Ecto’ shape, volume and strap system that maximise speed and lift when bodysurfing. The Ecto Handplane ORIGINAL is 15 inches tall providing the best body surfing hand plane for cruising with stability and buoyancy. Ideal for intermediate bodysurfers who want the most lift and foam underneath their hand. The Ecto Handplane PRO is 11 inches tall providing the best body surfing hand plane for really hollow or peaky surf. Ideal for confident bodysurfers who perform tricks and prefer a smaller hand plane to paddle with, or grommets who require a smaller hand plane and strap. Available in store now with a range of Fabric inlaysScreen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.52.31 am bodysurfing-hand-plane-body-surfing-handboard-ecto-handplanes-original-hand-plane-best-gear-info-bodysurfers-review bodysurfing-hand-plane-body-surfing-handboard-ecto-handplanes-pro-hand-planes-best-gear-info-bodysurfers-review

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