Chilli Stepdown wins Aust Open

The Aust Open has just wrapped up down at Manly beach and young Aussie surfer Matt Banting has taken out both the junior and open divisions. The airs that Matt performed in the 1 to 2 feet conditions were amazing and his ability to land such a high percentage had the crowd speechless. Matt who rides for Chilli surfboards used a Stepdown model throughout the 10 day event. The Stepdown board comes in a thick or thin option depending on what waves and what weight you require it for. Matt being a super grom rides the thin option and is 1 to 2 inches shorter then his standard board. It has some extra width to allow it to get speed across dead sections but the thin rails to give it the performance. In the store we carry the thicker option for your everyday surfer which can be ridden 1 to 4 inches shorter. The rails carry more foam to allow better float and give it more paddling speed. if you need a board which can surf small chunky waves but feels like a standard short board to turn then the Chilli Stepdown should do the trick. Both options can be custom ordered. RRP $750

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