Chilli 'Red Peppa' & Cayenne Curve...Best When Fresh.

The new Chilli ' Purple Peppa' skateboard, limited to 200 worldwide is coming. It's a replica of the 'Purple Peppa' surfboard, funnily enough. This board is best ridden up to 4ft smaller than your regular shortboard and goes great on smooth footpaths cruising to the shops for some bread or rolling down the hill to check the waves.
The newest addition to the 'Peppa' family is the 'Red Peppa'. The 'Red Peppa' has a low, fast entry to get through the flat sections, a deep double concave keeps the rail-to-rail transition very smooth. The rounded square v-tail, in conjunction with 3" flat panels out on each rail stabilizes and narrows the water flow under the board to maintain it's speed. This is board sounds tech, but it is easy to use. Ride this 4"-5" shorter than your regular shortboard. RRP $750

This board is a new one from Chilli, it will be available VERY SOON. Chilli's motto behind the Cayenne is "keep it simple". The Cayenne's medium, single to double concave compliments the low, consistent rocker. It;s hip-squash tail makes for easy maneuverability and gives you the chance to fill out the rails. Foam is your friend! Don't be afraid...embrace the change. The Cayenne is an easy surfing all-rounder with speed. Available from early December.

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